A common man’s initiative

We are the same as you. A steady job, happy family, good friends, secure future, life on cruise control. But there was something inside that made us restless. Life seemed too self-centred. We felt a compelling urge to give something back to society, to mother nature, especially given the morbid state of affairs all around. Finally, we decided to give it a go. We told ourselves, no matter what the outcome, we will not feel frustrated in the twilight of life that we never tried.

If you too have felt this unease, if you too have this burning desire to try bring about a change, if you too will not sit idle and wait for someone else to do it, then you too are welcome to join this project!

  • If you are a caring parent and wish to imbibe good values in your children
    • This generation is getting sucked into a virtual world, losing out on basic social skills and adaptability.
    • You could help them develop empathy and compassion in a material world that is driven by competition and envy.
    • You could help them develop a sense of ownership of a good cause, thereby allowing them to connect with other children and nature.
    • You could help your child boost her/his creativity, divergent thinking, and emotional intelligence. Encourage your child to write short stories, poems, articles, draw doodles, construct slogans, make some paintings and share them with us. Do visit our Kids Katta section.
  • If you are working with a school
    • You can register with us and we shall provide you the content including the short film, presentation, and PDF of the Q&A that will cover the presentation. You could show the film and presentation to your students and engage them for a good cause.
    • You can open an Ecotroopers Club in your school and promote conservation related activities with the help of the content we send you, like quizzes, drawing/painting, articles, blogs, and other activities. We could begin with a dedicated area on the notice board where students would be informed of activities.
    • You can contribute with your own ideas, students’ creations, school initiatives and activities which we will share with others and acknowledge your support to the cause. Let other schools know what you are doing and inspire them.
  • If you are working with an NGO
    • You can help take the film and presentation to schools, especially those in rural and tribal areas.
    • You can coordinate with schools and open an Ecotroopers Club and carry out activities as mentioned above.
    • You can share your ideas and initiatives with us and we can promote it through our channels, allowing a very wide reach.
    • We will acknowledge your support to the cause and share it on our website and other forums.
  • You have an expertise in tiger and nature conservation
    • You could join us in creating good content for kids like presentations, quizzes, articles etc.
    • We will acknowledge your contribution and give you all the credits for your work.
    • We could share your articles, blogs, activities with students which could be quite inspirational for them.
  • If you are good at handling social media
    • Although we are reaching out to children who would be away from social media, this is a space we cannot ignore.
    • You could help us with the promotions, blogs, managing hashtags and handles etc.
    • Although the mascot is a cub, its reach is not limited to children, and many youngsters and netizens are already connecting to the cause.
  • If you can support with finances
    • Any project involves costs and needs finances. We are crowdfunding our project and you could help us with a monitory contribution that would be a nice gesture of your support to the cause.
    • Not only would you get some cool gifts in return, but would also feel proud of being part of a very good initiative that promises to grow with every passing day.
    • You could collect the gifts and certificates yourself or gift it o your children, nephews, nieces, your friends’ kids…just anyone you love.
  • If you are a game developer
    • We are looking to create ethical platforms for engaging children, both online and offline. You could help us in creating games that are informative, engaging, educating, and entertaining.
    • You could send us your idea and if approved, we could share our characters with you.
  • If you are interested in merchandizing
    • We do not look to make profit from this project, but in order to sustain our initiative and activities, we would be needing financial support.
    • Our toon characters are appealing and can be used on a host of merchandizing products.
    • We would be looking for ethical partners and equally ethical products. For example, T-shirts and caps are okay, but fairness creams and junk food are a strict no-no irrespective of the offer value.

One small step for Bobby, a giant leap for tigers!!

Join the international community in bringing our children together to save tigers and their habitat. You could get exciting gifts in return. You could even get your child’s name in the credits of the film, by making her/him a co-producer… and cherish that for a lifetime!

The details for monetary support coming soon.