We all grew up with stories of tigers as bad and evil creatures who consume humans given the slightest opportunity. Every tiger is considered a man-eater, at least potentially so. From grandma’s stories to the bloodthirsty Sher Khan hell-bent to devour Mougli, killing a tiger as ‘happy ending’ is entrenched deep into our collective psyche.

But this needs to change. We want our future generations to grow up appreciating the role of the tiger in the ecosystem, ensuring its survival. This is a win-win situation for both humans and tigers. But for that to happen, we need to reach out to children and change the narrative of the tiger as a villain to the tiger as a friend and hero. This calls for a collective and persistent effort.

Reaching out to children is a natural choice as they are eager to learn, have an impressionable mind, provide access to adults, and our future citizens themselves. But in order to sow an idea in their fertile minds, we would first have to enter their world, communicate in their medium. Hence the idea of a musical animated short film using a genre that is appealing, entertaining, and educating.

The characters in the film are lovable, the music is hummable, and apart from the song and dance, the film has its own twists and turns. The film delivers a highly emotive and equally powerful message of conservation while explaining the importance of tigers in the ecosystem as it draws attention to its connection with human life.

Our team looks to take Bobby and his message of conservation to schools far and wide. Taking ahead from the film, our team looks to build more content around the characters using Bobby as a mascot. This will help in continuous engagement with children on various aspects of conservation.

Team Bobby looks forward to spreading the roar and welcomes all aboard who wish to protect the tiger and its habitat, all those who believe that they too can make a difference.

Let’s join hands, let’s save Bobby!

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