Why Tigers are important to us?

The value of tigers in our life goes beyond the bedtime stories.


Tigers, one of the world's largest cats, serve a vital role in maintaining the balance of their ecosystems.

Save Humans

In saving tigers we are saving our own race. Sample this: an estimated 500 plus rivers or their tributaries originate from tiger territory.


From poor tribal youth to the flourishing ecotourism industry, the tiger provides livelihood to millions.

Story of Bobby

Deep inside a jungle in India, a tiger cub is born! The jungle folk calls him Bobby – the son of Bagha and Ruby. Bagha is the majestic territorial male who is held in awe by one and all, and Ruby is the fearless young female who is extremely protective of her cub. While Bobby has inherited his father’s genes, and with it the attitude and instincts that would help him carve out a territory of his own one day, it is his mother who shoulders the responsibility of his upbringing. She would need to patiently teach him all the skills he would need to establish himself as their worthy successor. But for now, Bobby is busy playing with his friends Dingu – the baby monkey, Sunehari – the giant Indian squirrel, and Chiu – the sunbird, exploring his world and getting to know its denizens. Will Bobby live up to his mother’s expectations? Will he command the same respect as his father? Will he go on to have progeny of his own? Or will his home be devastated by human greed guised as development? Or his kill poisoned by angry villagers seeking revenge for their cattle he killed as it strayed into his territory? Or his bones land up in a concoction in some distant country?

Watch this space to know more!


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